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I want to inspire

I am a multifaceted journalist with curiosity as my driving force. I like to write on subjects that inspire people to a better life and a better world and a more sustainable lifestyle. It can be articles on stress reduction, thought-provoking chronicles or inspirational and motivational stories. I love to interview inspirational people! I want to take it one step further and affect people.

I find it really challenging and interesting to explore cultures and peoples mindsets.. My mission is to reduce the gap between “we” and “the other” with my work. To create an understanding for what is unknown and therefore sometimes threatening.

During 2002-2006 I was based six months at a time in India, working with photographer Christina Sjögren.


Lets rediscover the world

I can help you to see "the world" in a new way. I’m great at ”behind the scenes” articles and to tell a story from a fresh perspective. Interviews of people where I let the whole person appear beyond figures, gender and prejudices, or texts on the background behind the statistics.

Corporate stories:
Ericsson: What do Chinese youth want?
Bajaj: Riding the right wind

I also do travelwriting and prefer to get to know a country and its people, rather than scrap on the surface.
Read my experiences from Bhutan - the Kingdom in the Himalayas - in the travel magazine Res or how to be part of o Bollywood movie in Bombay, India in Newspaper Aftonbladet.

Transitions in the Land of the Thunder Dragon
September 10 - January 7 2007.
Exhibition by photographer Christina Sjögren and Ewa Jacobsson at The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Östasiatiska museet, in Stockholm.
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Clients include WWF where I write on sustainanable lifestyle, women magazines like Tara, health and lifestyle for MåBra and Leva, travel for DN, Aftonbladet and RES, leadership and corporate focus for Volvo Global Magazine, Ericsson's corporate magazine Contact and Stora Enso's customer publication Tempus. Humanitarian issues for The Red Cross Magazine and food and lifestyle for Vin&BarJournalen and Norwegian Apéritif.And for many other media in Scandinavia like Connoisseur, Gods & Gårdar, Drömhem & Trädgård.


Experienced writer

With the experience as creative director in the media industry, I can come up with a wealth of article-ideas, or help with any other renewal.

I deliver texts with great content
and high linguistic quality,
in time and with a little edge to it.

Photographer Christina Sjögren and I have done a documentary book on a girl from the Kingdom of Bhutan. The book Pema från Bhutan was released September 2005 by publishing house LL-förlaget.
Together we have had several exhibitions.

Location: I am based in Stockholm, Sweden, but can travel on short notice. The recent years I have been based in India for longer periods.

Language: Swedish and English. I can also rework Swedish texts and reports to make them more readable or suitable for the web.

Read my resume here.

oto:Christina Sjögren

Ewa is a member of SJF, The Swedish Union of Journalists

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